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Asking for a friend ~ MODEL CALL

One of my favourite kinds of status updates to read on Facebook and other places are questions supposedly posed on behalf of 'a friend'. Usually they're hilarious and definitely a pleasant change from the drama and negativity that you tend to run into sooner or later on social media these days. And they got me… Continue reading Asking for a friend ~ MODEL CALL

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UK Summer Sessions

My family and I will be in the UK for the last 3 weeks of July, I will naturally be bringing my camera with me and if you'd like to schedule a session for you and your partner, or your family or friends just get in touch! We can have fun at the seaside, at the… Continue reading UK Summer Sessions

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Bumps in the back garden ~ Maternity photography, Oulu, Finland and Yorkshire

During our trip to the UK I was able to meet up with several old friends which was absolutely fantastic. Some of them I hadn't seen in years but it was so easy to chat and catch was like we'd only seen each other the other week. That's the mark of a true friendship.… Continue reading Bumps in the back garden ~ Maternity photography, Oulu, Finland and Yorkshire