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Rain, rain… ~ Family photography, Oulu, Finland

…go away!!

I don’t know about you but I’m not ready for summer to be over yet. We had glorious sunshine and patches of real warmth this week but we’ve also had the sort of rain that would make Noah start reaching for his tools!

Thinking back to the sunshine of last week, here are some shots of Rosie in the garden with the sunflowers she’s grown herself some seeds she got for her birthday. They’re my favourite flower so I was always going to be excited when the time came for them to bloom but she’s just as giddy as me, which is awesome.

While we’re impatiently waiting we spotted some mini sunflowers in the supermarket and bought some to bring home. Seemed a shame not to get some photos while they were still nice and bright and I made sure to have some photos of me taken with the girls too.

It’s important as a mum to ‘be in the photos’ instead of being the one always taking them – an odd concept for a photographer it must be said. One day our children will appreciate that small fact more than we know so get in front of the lens every now and then please. Don’t worry about your hair or your clothes or the weight you’ve been meaning to lose.

These were taken after we’d been at the beach all day, no make up, sand in our windswept hair but look how happy we are. In ten or twenty years when we look at these photos, it’ll be the smiles we see straight away and the memories of fun on the beach will come rushing right back. That’s the magical thing about photos.

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