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The days are long, but the years are short

Yesterday was Evie’s last day at daycare for the summer. Ordinarily this would be met with whoops and cheers and unending questions about when will we be going to the beach? Can she go swimming today already? If it’s the holidays, that means we can have ice cream before dinner, right?

But yesterday, in the car, she was crying.

It wasn’t just her last day for the summer, it was her last day at daycare ever.

Come August she will be a 1st grader and yesterday it scared her as much as it does me.

I’m not scared that she’s not ready or that she won’t enjoy it, because I know she is and she will. What scares me is the fact that my little lady is already 7 years old. That she’s growing at a rate of knots right before my eyes and I felt the feeling that I know every parent feels when they realise how fast the time slips away.

“The days are long, but the years are short.” – Gretchen Rubin

Luckily I have thousands (literally!) of images and videos of her from the moment she was born up to her last wobbly tooth falling out just last week and I know I’ll take hundreds of thousands more in the years to come.


I’m also making sure to take as many photos as I can of me with my girls, as I know just how much those images will mean to them one day.

My mum is visiting us from the UK at the moment and I’m making sure to document this time with her girls too.


As I’ve said before, many times, photos are far more important than we realise, they’re moments captured and saved forever. In the coming weeks I’ll be making sure to capture all those special summer moments with the girls before we enter a brave new world in August.

So make sure when you have those days out at the park or trips to the seaside this summer, you take your camera or your phone with you and capture those magical moments before they slip away!

My camera and I will be in the UK in July and if you’d like to organise a photo shoot with me for you and your loved ones just get in touch ASAP and we can see if I’ll be in your part of the country! And if you’re in the Oulu area and want to book a session with me before I head off then I still have some dates and times available in June so message me and we’ll get something arranged!


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