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Anniversary ~ Jo Jackson Photography

Today was the day I know my whole family has been dreading for several months now. Today marks a year since my darling Dad left us.

It’s been hard, so hard, and I know the pain never truly goes away when we have to say goodbye to loved ones.

Tonight we lit lanterns and the girls picked some of the sweet peas from the garden – grown from seeds from his garden – to put in a vase beside the flickering flames.

While I was getting ready to take a few photos of the candles to keep for the future I managed to capture these of Evie with the flowers.

Once the girls had gone to bed, I called my mum and while we chatted the sun began to set and the sky erupted into colour and among my tears I smiled.

I love that Evie loves the flowers like she loved him.
I love that I can take photos like this because he taught me how to.

I hate more than anything that he’s not here but I loved every moment he was and that love never dies. ❤

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