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Playing around ~ Family Photography

Today the sun was shining and the girls and I thought we’d have a little play around with hairstyles and such for our planned photography project that we’ll hopefully be starting soon. I’ll be sharing more about it in the near future but I can tell you that if it works…it’s going to be so good!!

Unfortunately Evie was feeling a little under the weather and so wasn’t really in the mood by the time we actually got around to taking photos. Rosie, on the other hand, was definitely in the mood to pose and when I looked back through the photos I’d taken I was genuinely stunned at how grown up she seemed.

Rosie also wanted to try and take some photos of her own, which she did. And while they might not have been the most technically accurate images (of the dog, of the photos on the wall and the bouquet the parents of my pupils gave me at last night’s concert), they were rather good for a 3 year old using a DSLR which was on manual mode!

But more than that, I love the photos she took and this one of her that I snapped with my phone, because it shows her genuine interest in something that I love. A love I got from my Dad and a love I am so thrilled she and Evie both seem to have inherited. A love I thoroughly intend to develop and nurture as they grow up.

3 thoughts on “Playing around ~ Family Photography”

  1. Excited to hear about this project you've got in the works! Have friends looking for a family photographer in Oulu, will send them your way!

  2. What an awesome project! We're going to Oulu on holiday and one of our favorite getaway activities is to hire a photographer to document our family adventures. Would love to talk!

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