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Love Stories – Katariina + Ian

I’ve another Love Stories session to share with you this evening, this time it was a woodland shoot with Katariina and Ian.

A couple of weekends ago I met up with Katariina and Ian in the ‘forest’ near the Ideapark shopping centre for their Love Stories shoot.

When we arrived the sun was shining brightly but as the time went by the sky soon clouded over and we were forced to beat a hasty retreat as the rain started to fall – but in the time we had we managed to capture some truly wonderful images of them as a couple.

Katariina and Ian met at a swimming competition, at the side of the pool no less. She’d forgotten her swimming cap and he lent her his spare one. Awww, right?

Now you might have noticed, in comparison to the other Love Stories sessions I’ve shared with you, there haven’t been many PDA’s so far (public displays of affection for those not in the know) and that would be because there weren’t really any.

I’m not going to lie, when you meet a couple to talk about their love story and take some (hopefully) romantic photos and they admit they’re not really very touch-y feel-y and even ask if there is a word for someone who has a phobia of cameras or who is camera shy (Ian, I looked it up and it’s called Scopophobia, apparently!)…you do feel a little uncertain about what is to follow but I needn’t have worried for a second. They might not have been sharing hugs and kisses but they were sharing stories and smiles and those are just as awesome to capture and keep for the years to come.

Besides, they were great fun to spend time with, I honestly laughed so much I almost forgot what we were there to do on more than one occasion, not to mention being brave enough to follow me into the trees and boggy undergrowth without question!

It’s true, when you think of couples photography and engagement photography you probably think of couples looking adoringly into one another’s faces and smooching with movie star elegance against a stunning backdrop, at sunset no less,

And as much as I obviously love to photograph scenes like that…real life and real love just isn’t like that. At least it isn’t all the time.

Real love is understanding and knowing the person you’re with almost as well as you know yourself. Supporting one another through life’s trials and encouraging one another along the way. Real love is the laughter and the giggles, the hugs and the knowing winks. Knowing that whatever happens your other half will be there to high five you when you succeed and pick you up when you fall.

What Katariina and Ian have? That’s real love, right there.

 Thank you, Katariina and Ian, for sharing your story with me.

And if you’ve been putting off having a photoshoot with your partner, husband or wife because you don’t think you’re the ‘touch-y feel-y’ sort of couple…don’t put it off any longer. Let me capture you and your love as it really is.

6 thoughts on “Love Stories – Katariina + Ian”

  1. This is precious!!! I love how you captured their happiness and individuality. You're work as an Oulu Family Photographer is amazing. Beautiful!!!

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