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Northern Lights – April 2016

When I’m not photographing people I can frequently be found outside, in the middle of the night, with my camera staring at the sky waiting and hoping for a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

They’re one of those beautiful natural phenomena that I know a lot of people have on their bucket list of things to see and I’m lucky enough to be able to see them from my own back garden, weather permitting of course.

Last night, in what might have been the last big display of the season as the days get longer and longer this far North, we saw some spectacular lights right over our house.

It was a glorious display and I know it continued for several hours after I packed up my fish eye lens and fell into bed at around 1am having taken more than 500 photos of the sky.
I stitched them together to make a time lapse video, that you should be able to watch below.

I do love where we live!

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