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Love Stories – A Different Kind of Photoshoot

I had the first of my Love Stories shoots yesterday with Minna and James and it was awesome!

Here is a sneak peek from the shoot although there’ll be a full blog post coming soon.




The idea of these shoots is to allow couples to share their own personal love story with me, and you of course, and at the same time have beautiful photos taken of them at this particular part of their story.

For most couples the only time you’ll have your photo taken professionally is at your wedding and depending on when that happened a lot has changed in the world of wedding photography. It’s more about moments and less about formal portraits, on the whole anyway. You might have some slightly awkward photos of you and your guests outside the church or registry office and…that’s about it. As lovely and treasured as I’m sure they are, I’m just as sure you’ll love the photos we’ll get during our session.

I wanted to be able to offer a portrait session to suit those couples who have already shared a lot together and who wanted to capture themselves as they are right now. Couples who have been married for a while, couples who might not be getting married and so might never get a bridal photoshoot to look back on in the years to come.

The shoot itself isn’t massively different from my other shoots. You turn up and I chat with you, hopefully make you feel relaxed and take photos while we talk. The main difference is the subject matter we will talk about. We’ll be talking, pretty exclusively, about you and your relationship. First meetings, first kisses, favourite things about one another .Your story.

In my experience this is usually a rather emotional experience. After all when was the last time you sat down with your significant other and told them what it is about them that you love above everything else? When did you last reminisce about your fairytale beginning…?

That’s exactly what we do during a Love Stories shoot and my lens will capture all those smiles and joyful tears and spontaneous hugs and kisses that I can promise you won’t feel awkward or posed in the slightest because you’ll be talking to each other about one another.

I’m really just a bystander, asking questions every now and then.

I’ll be sharing Minna and James’ love story in full with you very soon and if you’d like to share your own love story with me get in touch!

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