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What a year!

As we get ready to charge our glasses to the memories we hold so very dear from this year as well as all those before it and toast to the new year ahead I thought now would be the perfect time to look back over 2015 and the photos I’ve been lucky enough to take.

This year was a huge year for me and my camera!

I photographed my first engagements and weddings in Finland (and been booked for a wedding next summer already too!), I’ve photographed families both in Oulu and in the UK and continued to capture memories of my own family that I’ll keep with me for as long as I can.

I photographed bears in the wild – an amazing birthday present I know I’ll never forget!

This year wasn’t all joy though and it reminded me why photographs are so very important, more so than I think we realise day to day. The loss of my dear Dad at the end of the summer proved just how much the photos he took and the photos I have of him now mean.

I will always think of him when I pick up my camera and that fact will, with time, make his loss easier to bear. At least I hope it will.

Evie asked Father Christmas for a ‘real’ camera this year and she was lucky enough to get one. It’s been so wonderful to watch her taking photos of her little sister, of the rest of us and even of herself!

I know he’d have loved to watch her and I can’t wait to teach her all he taught me.

I have many goals for 2016 – not least of which is to climb Schiehallion, the mountain in Scotland we  saw so many times growing up but that we never climbed. Next summer I hope to climb it for my Dad, with my camera of course to capture what I know are amazing views from the summit.

Whatever your wishes and hopes for the coming year are I hope that the year is kind to you and yours and that you’ll allow me to photograph you and your family soon!

Happy New Year everyone!

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