Love Stories 2017 ~ Jo Jackson Photography

Last Spring I put out a model call for couples who’d like to come and share their own personal love story with me and have some couples photos taken at the same time. They were among some of the most fun shoots I’ve been lucky enough to take part in.

We had couples married for more than a decade, couples blending their families for a new future together…it was an awesome experience full of love and laughter. And guess what? I want to do it again!!


I’m looking for couples to come for a FREE* photoshoot with me  in March and to talk about their relationship. Whether you’re long time partners or still enjoying the honeymoon period of your relationship, I want to hear your story. How you met, what you loved about one another, what is it about them that makes it impossible to consider life without them by your side?


Last year some of the sessions got quite emotional, which is understandable. I mean, when did you last stand and tell the person you share your life with just how much they mean to you, tell them just what it was about them that captured your heart in the first place and kept it… ❤

So, if you’re part of a couple who is very much in love and the idea of having some beautiful photos of the two of you taken sounds fantastic then get in touch!

All you need to do is drop me a line – either via email (jojacksonphotography@gmail.com) or via the contact page and tell me a little bit about yourselves!


Selected couples will receive complimentary prints worth €50 with the option to buy more images and all couples who participate will receive a little thank you from Jo Jackson Photography! So go on, tell me a little of your story!


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