New Beginnings

This year is hopefully going to be full of new beginnings for both me and my business.

It’s only mid-February and I’ve already been able to tick off a lot of goals from the plan I made for the new year ahead!

Last month I entered 50 of my photos into the ‘Shoot and Share’ photo contest – a massive international competition with more than 330,000 entries! The prizes are awesome and while I’m not expecting to place anywhere, the fact that I was brave enough to enter my images is a massive milestone for me.


I know at least one of my images made it through to the 4th round (and only because I saw it during voting!) but I’ll have to wait until March to know where each of my photos got to.

I also shut down my old photography website at the start of the year which was both harder and easier than I was expecting it to be. The site didn’t work overly well for me and I’d been wanting to change it for years and now, I have – but ahead lies a steep learning curve while I figure out how this one works! I also went out and bought myself a real domain with my name…another thing I now need to learn how to use.

I’m writing more this year too – including some photography based books and some of my on going novel projects – and I will be publishing at least two books in the coming months if all goes to plan. Again, this is both scary and awesome!

I’m also continuing to try and improve my fitness by following the My Peak Challenge program this year. I’m coming to the end of month 2 and I’ve already managed to shed close to 12kg since Christmas as well as improving the eating habits of my entire family.



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