Looking forward to 2017!

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the clock to get to midnight tonight – and not just because of the fireworks, bubbly and fun to be had creating our traditional sparkler family photo either!

2017 is going to be a big year – I’ve decided! – and it will start for Jo Jackson Photography with the closure of my old website (*sniffle*) and the beginning of a new phase in the adventures of my camera and I.


For now I’ll be running my website entirely from here, this blog. I did toy with the idea of setting up a new blog for a new year but I didn’t want to lose all the awesome memories I’d accumulated here!

I’ll also be changing the way I share your photographs with you too in 2017 – trying to get away from just selling digital images that I know most of you will just keep on a USB or a hard drive and never actually put up in your home. Photographs are memories and memories are meant to be seen and shared and that begins with me. I’ll be working with a professional printing lab who make truly gorgeous products of the highest quality that I know you’ll love to display in your home and share with your loved ones.

I’m upgrading my equipment and undergoing some training too to sharpen my skills and open my eyes to new ways of working. I’ll be starting some new forms of photography services too (I’m talking boudoir, ladies, beautiful boudoir), mini family sessions in the snow (they are going to be so much fun!) and I’ll be running a workshop for Mums in the spring to help you learn how to use your cameras to capture more of your family’s memories among other things. It’s all so exciting!!!

And it’s not just in my photography that changes are happening, oh no!

I’m also taking part in the My Peak Challenge program again this year – it’s a year long commitment to being more healthy and active (as well as raising money for charity) and I’m itching to start the 12 month program on 2nd January! I’ve gotten some rather big goals in place, in my very shiny journey journal, and I’m determined to succeed.

Whatever your hopes and dreams are for 2017 I hope they come true but remember that nothing changes if you don’t. Make those plans and make the changes you need to in order to make them happen!


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