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Tiny Toes ~ Family photography, Oulu

Today I was lucky enough to photograph the children of an old friend, including their newest family member – a very handsome little chap, all of three weeks old.

His big brother and sister are definitely infatuated with their little brother and it showed in every photo just how much they love him.

He was also a model baby. Sleepy and content throughout the whole session, not a single grumpy moment! A very rare thing I can tell you. Fingers crossed for Mum and Dad that he stays that way! 😉

What I love about photographing babies, and children, at home is that we’re capturing real memories. Whatever happens in the future, this will always be his first home, his first garden. I know I love the photos of my own girls that I have taken in our house and the memories attached to them all.

It also means that everyone feels more comfortable and relaxed because you’re in a familiar place, the smiles are more genuine, the laughter more real.

If you’re expecting a new arrival in your family in the near future and would like to arrange a photography session just get in touch – I’d love to meet you and capture some of your family’s precious memories for the years to come.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Toes ~ Family photography, Oulu”

  1. amazing job with these images! I have been looking for a family photographer in Oulu, I think i found the perfect one for the job! I will be contacting you!

  2. First, I just have to say, every time I go to your website I am just stunned. I'm obsessed with your logo and the layout of your website. Everything is so gorgeous. Second, this post is precious. I love how you captured these sweet kiddos in Oulu. You're a wonderfully talented photographer!

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