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Sweet siblings ~ Family Photography

A little over a week ago I was lucky enough to photograph 1 year old Saimi and her big brothers.

We had a lot of fun in their garden, the boys running around while little Saimi pottered among the flowers and watched their noisy games.

The best thing about taking photos of children outside is that you get to capture them at their best.

Studio photography can be stunning and I have seen hundreds of beautiful portraits of children taken in studio settings. But for me? The best, most authentic photos of children are those taken when the children are doing what they love. Be that climbing a tree or running around with a football, dancing or just sitting quietly among the flowers.

If your children regularly like to sit quietly and look calmly and vaguely into the middle distance then…I’m probably not the photographer for you.

But, if your children are fun, usually loud or frequently messy and you’d like to capture their excitement and genuine character in photos that you and your family can treasure for the years to come…then I think you should get in touch.

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