I’m Jo Jackson and it’s a pleasure to meet you.
 I’ve lived in Oulu, Finland, for almost eleven years now and I  have been taking photos my whole life. I’m originally from the  UK, born in London, bred in Yorkshire. I visit once or twice a  year and we have friends and family spread across the country so  we travel around a fair amount.
 If you’re in the UK and you’d like me to photograph you and your  family, or to capture a special event like a wedding…let me know  and we’ll see if we can arrange something during one of my  visits.
 I love taking photos of families and special events. Anywhere  where there are people who love each other you usually find  smiling faces and amazing moments, that’s where I love to be.
 I’m a mother to two little girls, who are as mad as I am, I like to  write in my spare time and when I’m not behind my camera or  scribbling….I’m a preschool teacher.